Narrative Essay

Narrative Essay

Paper details:

Phase 1: Narrative Composition

Write a detailed narrative paper recounting one of the most personally frustrating experiences you have encountered either in a job setting or some social arena.

Think carefully about the nature of the conflict, the parties involved, the divisions and their respective arguments or positions, your side or perspective, the degree of your

involvement, the critical events or acts that the conflict precipitated, and finally its resolution and the factors that brought it to closure.

Drafting the Narrative

After reviewing these and perhaps other relevant factors, compose your paper in one


taking the problem from the beginning

to the end, keeping in mind the various

elements and factors mentioned above.

Observe the following conventions for this exercise:

1) Write in the first person from your own perspective.

It is okay to use “I.”

2) Be specific name names, give details

, quote the key players.

3) After opening with a paragraph explaining the background or context of the problem,

follow a chronological sequence, starting from the beginning of the conflict and closing

with an explanation of the resolution.

4) Observe proper paragraphing, developing each stage or point in separate paragraph


5) Don’t hesitate to make the paper expressive, revealing your own feelings and those

of others as they are appropriate and relevant to the conflict.

Revising the Paper

Set the draft aside for a minimum of two days.

Then, rewrite the paper, making

substantive, organizational, and developmental changes that you wish.

Preparing the Final Copy

Retype the paper at the computer, making sure to double

space each line.

Print it out


nd review it once more for any major changes.

Edit the paper as you go, keeping alert

for examples of the most common problems that you often find in your writing.


make the changes and print out your final copy.

Include a heading in the upper left


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