Motivation: Discuss the role of Motivation based two literary short stories "Sorrowfull Woman" by Gail Godwin and "A rose for Emily" by William Faulkner.

Literary Essay

Each character in literature embodies the personality and motivation to act as an individual in society. He or she captures the characteristics of people that a reader comes to recognize or perceive, through the actions and thoughts of the individuals within a work. Certainly, at times a reader brings bias and personal perspectives to a work, which may influence a reader’s interpretation of a work of fiction. However, a character’s actions/thoughts may be influenced by a series of past experiences as well. Such conscious and at times unconscious motivators vary in strength and quality. They may include: (a) value systems (b)emotions: fears, loneliness, depression etc. (c)current conditions in life (d) exterior conflicts (e )health issues (physical/mental). Indeed, it is plausible to state that characters function positively or negatively, through their own sense of reality, as influenced by their motivations. Therefore, it is conceivable that a short story’s plot is directly influenced by a character’s motivation. In fact, without such character motivation, a work’s sequence of events, structure and author’s intent (theme), would fail to meet any success.


Two works“A Rose for Emily” and “Sorrowful Woman “whose main character (protagonist/antagonist) influences a work to be what an author originally intended. In other words, a character’s motivation(s) is vital to drive a story to its conclusion. Supporting data to your thesis, choose which motivations BEST defend your thesis. Then illustrate these influences from the two short stories

NB. Your thesis should raise the issue of character motivation as vital to establish an author’s intended theme.

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