Module Learning Outcomes

Module Learning Outcomes

•    Relate operational level planning processes to business level objectives and consequent implications for implementing operational level change

•    Appraise key aspects of cross-functional working with Operations, in particular between Marketing (with an emphasis on Demand Planning and Capacity Planning) and Operations and Operations and Technology Services.

•    Explain the application of current theory and concepts in particular key Quality Management concepts in the pursuit of effective customer service

Assignment Remit

Using the theories, concepts and models from the lectures and utilising knowledge gained from your wider reading, write a report about changes taking place or needed in operations in a particular service industry. The report should be split into four dimensions, namely: demand & capacity planning, locations, customer service and quality.

Each of these sections should be split into three sub-sections covering the following:

1.    Specific external factors that are driving change in the industry which affect the dimension being discussed

2.    Specific challenges related to the same factors which face a typical Head of Operations

3.    Actions related to the dimension which could be taken by Heads of Operations (or equivalent) or are being taken to respond to these specific challenges


Individual assignment in report format.


2000 words

Module Assessment Specific Assessment Guidance

This report provides students with an opportunity to consider how a contemporary Head of Operations can deal with the multifaceted and sometimes contradictory aspects of operations management today in a particular service industry.
•    If you were a student who has handed in a report based on this same assignment you need to make    sure you read the feedback with your returned work.

•    We must be able to see a linkage between the three sub-sections for each dimension. How factors create challenges and actions address those challenges.

•    Do not base your answer on a specific company. Although you can mention companies (in the industry chosen) as examples to support your arguments, this assignment is not about a specific company.

•    Make sure you choose a service industry and not a manufacturing industry, or an extraction industry or public service

•    Make sure that you use concepts and theories covered in the lectures

•    You will be expected to use concepts, theories and models which are covered in the lectures and those deemed relevant from your wider reading.

•    You are encouraged to be creative in your thinking about developments in the field related to the industry chosen but make sure that your ideas and thoughts are grounded in specifics (factual information).

•    Avoid excessive descriptive narrative.

•    You can make reasonable assumptions provided you say what they are and justify them, but do not invent things. Just stick to the facts.

•    Remember your arguments only have validity if you support what you say with evidence

•    Supportive references that underpin your work will add more weight to your essay.

•    You are encouraged to use journal material for supportive reference sources, as higher marks are awarded for this.

•    Above all remember this is about operations and the role of operations in delivering the objectives of the business. DO NOT write an essay from the perspective of marketing or some other function. For example, don’t be tempted to use the 7 P framework

•    Remember a report can have appendices for detailed information that supports elements in the main body of the report. The word limitation does not apply to appendices.

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