Milton Friedman wrote a highly influential article, “The Role of Government in Education.” In this pioneering article, published initially in 1955, he proposed two original ideas, one for funding elementary and secondary education and one for financing higher education. Many elements from this article resonate in current policy proposals aimed towards improving the productive efficiency and equity of education systems.

. You are a consultant to a State Secretary of Education (or a Minister of Education) who is dissatisfied with the quality of the public schools in her jurisdiction. She is looking for ways of improving them. She has just returned from a conference where a friend had read the Friedman article and spoke glowingly about the Friedman voucher plan. She has learned that you have taken a course at Teachers College that covered this subject and wants your opinion about whether an educational voucher system will improve the effectiveness of the schools and create greater equality of results.
You are asked to explain to her how a voucher plan works and whether it will provide outcomes that meet her goals of improving effectiveness and obtaining greater equality.

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