Migrant Workers: Searchers

Migrant Workers: Searchers

Migrant Workers: Searchers
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Tomas Rivera once said of his novel And the Earth Did Not Devour Him:

I wanted to document the spiritual strength, the concept of justice so important for the American continents. Within those migrants I saw that strength. They may be economically deprived, politically deprived, socially deprived, but they kept moving, never staying in one place to suffer or be subdued. But always searching for work; that’s why they were “migrant” workers. I see that same sense of movement in the Europeans who come here and that concept of spiritual justice. It was there. And the migrant workers still have that role: to be searchers. That’s an important metaphor in the Americas.

This quote connects to many other readings throughout the semester. I have bolded words that should trigger your memories of those other readings. Your job in this discussion is to analyze (choose a word) and explicate (bigger picture of agriculture) the readings from this week with previous weeks.

All ideas should be original. For example, several people may discuss spirituality, but you should not repeat the text (written or visual) that you are connecting to. This should be motivation to post early. Canvas pages like “Realism” and “Modernism” will also be considered a reading, so you may want to choose one of these words (or a synonym) and talk about why the text you’ve chosen is Modern Literature or shows characteristics of Realism.

Conclude your initial post by telling us how this defines a farmer.


Your first original post should be submitted before 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday. Your response to classmates’ posts should be completed before 10:00 p.m. on Sunday.


Grading will be based on the same rubric as posts on your blog. You should develop original, complex ideas that go beyond surface reading (we’ve all read the same thing, so a simple review is not what I’m looking for).

Introduce fresh material, This may require additional research.
Each post should be written as a complete thought.
Identify your topic
Narrow the topic by telling your audience your point of view on a specific point
Show your audience what you mean by offering evidence
A good test of whether or not it is a complete thought is if you can remove it from the discussion and have it still make sense
Responses to classmates’ posts should always have a “because” clause
Use appropriate netiquette. Nobody should feel attacked Link
Discussion Rubric
Participation – original post 3
Research – introduces fresh material 3
Discussion – responds to at least one classmate’s post 2
Writing Mechanics – free of errors 2

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