Microeconomics Discussion

Discussion Assignment


  1. Sexonomics: The Economics of Love and Dating


Here is a fun series of videos on the Economics of Love and Dating from NinosMalek. Please watch the series of videos and complete your discussion assignment


Link to Learn Liberty Video Series


here: http://www.learnliberty.org/course_details/the-economics-of-love-and-dating-on-demand/

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Your first post should be a critical economic analysis of the material for the week. Use the economics you have learned in the class to complete your main post. Your first main post should be about 500 words.


After you complete your post, then you will need to respond to 2 other students with a follow up post of about 250 words. This is a total of 3 posts. Main post (500 words) and 2 follow up posts (250 words each)


How to Cite Sources (Purdue Online Writing Lab) : https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/02/

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(Note: you do not need to format your writing in MLA format. I am only asking for citations in the MLA format)


  1. I, Pencil

Discussion assignment number 2 is an essay called I, Pencil

Your second main post should be about 500 words


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Other download versions available here (Audio, PDF, ePub, etc):



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