You need to have a thesis (stake a claim)–the more interesting, the better.
You need to argue in favor of that claim.
You need to provide evidential support for that argument (primarily from the texts that we have read and discussed)
And you need to present your ideas with the reader in mind, in a clear and compelling way.
Your paper should be no more than 750 words long. This is not a lot of room in which to present a good analysis, so be judicious. Cut out all but what is essential.
Sartre, Lucretius, and Plato have each argued that our normal understanding of the world and of our selves is deficient, if not false. Our various individual “truths”—personal experiences, private beliefs, and subjective perspectives—are not adequate to the goals we have for them, and philosophical analysis reveals that they cannot stand as they are.
Why is this the case? What exactly is wrong with the private, the personal, or the subjective kinds of truths that we all employ in our everyday lives are insufficient or illusory forms of “truth”? What kind of truth ought we to be looking for?

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