Medical Sociology

In writing your response papers, you should briefly address the following key areas: DO NOT EXCEED 2 PAGES!

ï‚· What are the authors’ main arguments? What contributions does this piece make to our

knowledge of the topic? (10 points)

ï‚· What evidence do the authors present to support their claims? Provide specific examples

from the reading. (10 points)

ï‚· Where do the authors get their evidence—what are their data sources? Provide specific

examples from the reading. (10 points)

ï‚· What research methods do the authors use to collect their evidence? Think about what

we have discussed in class about different ways of gathering information. (10 points)

ï‚· What analytic techniques do the authors use? You do not need to discuss the mechanics

of these techniques; just name and briefly describe them. (10 points)


What are the main strengths and limitations of this piece? Feel free to mention the

authors’ own discussion as well as your own perceptions. (10 points)

ï‚· Do you find the main arguments persuasive? Why or why not? How well do you feel

that the authors use available evidence to support their claims? (10 points)

ï‚· Can you think of any arguments that would refute the authors’ main points? Consider

how our other course readings may contradict the one you chose. (10 points)

ï‚· How does this article relate to other articles we have discussed in class? Think

synthetically and point out any connections that you note. (10 points)

ï‚· What questions do you have after reading this article? We can use class discussion time

to follow up on outstanding issues. (10 points)

Several of these points can generally be addressed with a single sentence. Note also that some of

these items are closely interrelated, so you may be able to respond to two or three different points

in the same couple of sentences. Depending on the particular article you have chosen, some


points may not be highly relevant.

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