medical marijuana and the environmental impact

Research Paper Assignment Sheet

For this assignment, students will write a formal, fully-developed research essay on the environmental topic of their choosing. The essay will be worth 25% of the final grade. Students may turn in a draft of the essay one week before the due date for feedback. The essay is due in class on Monday December 7.

Essays should utilize primary sources to support an original thesis, and should provide relevant historical information to give context to the essay.

Please submit a copy of this checklist when turning in paper. Late work will be penalized.

___ 1-inch margins on all sides, Times New Roman, 12-point font, title page included
___ Fulfills length requirements (7-8 full pages)

___ Essay includes a specific thesis statement in the first paragraph
___ Essay assumes reader is not familiar with the sources used or the time period’s history and contextualizes appropriately

Use of Secondary Sources:
___ Essay cites at least two reputable secondary sources that provide context regarding environmental issues of the time period
___ Within the first few paragraphs, essay explains relevant events, legislation, or significant actors that aid in reader’s understanding of the time period

Use of Primary Sources:
___ Essay utilizes at least three primary sources (can use many more if you like!), at least one of which must be non-textual, to prove thesis
___ Student goes beyond the obvious factual information in the sources, to show how the sources lend greater understanding of environmental attitudes in the period discussed

___ All sources used are properly cited, both in-text with footnotes (Turabian) or parenthetical citations (MLA) and in a bibliography (Turabian) or Works Cited page (MLA)
___ All quotes are introduced, worked into sentence, and explained—quotes should never stand alone as a sentence!

Writing Mechanics
___ Essay is free of typographical and grammatical errors
___ Complete sentences and formal language are used at all times
___ Correct, consistent tense is used throughout (past tense when writing about past)

Research Presentation Assignment Sheet

Each student will present an informal 5-10 minute overview of his or her research paper. Dates will be chosen randomly, between Monday, December 7, Thursday, December 10, and Monday, December 14.

Please turn in this sheet when presenting.

___ Student shares thesis with class
___ Student explains some relevant background information regarding the time period of focus
___ Student shares some examples of the primary sources used, and may choose to display images, play song clips, or short movie clips
___ Student explains his or her analysis of one or two sources, and how s/he related these to the thesis in the essay
___ Student invites discussion from rest of the class regarding the sources and ideas presented

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