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Identify a health policy issue. For example, you can watch a talk show with a public policy focus, watch c-span for an hour, listen to National Public Radio or read three articles in print media such as New York Times, magazine, newspapers, journals, or online blogs.

Then you will write a one-page, single spaced critique. You will follow professional writing guidelines using APA 6.0, and write in the third person. Consider such things as the expertise of the participants/writer, the extent to which different points of view were presented, some underlying assumptions that were apparent, the depth of the discussion, what did you learn, and your perspective on the topic and WHY.

Grading Criteria: the more analysis, depth, and clarity of expression

If an article is used it has to be less than 5 years written.
It has been be on health policy like obama healthcare or something related to the health of a population.
The body of the paper should be single space and should only be one page. APA format
please include title page and refernces

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