Library review Task: Source three different scholarly texts (either journal articles or book chapters or combination of both) and account for their relevance to the module’s themes (a maximum of 150 words per text; total limit: 450 words).

This means using your own words to summarise the key aims and objectives of each text. You should not use chapters from the same book, unless there is a strong justification (i.e. the book is an edited collection and each chapter therefore addresses a unique aspect of media and communication practice).

The objective of the task is to get you used to accessing the Library’s catalogue and its databases and to develop your skills in summarising a diverse range of relevant texts.

Guidance: You should think carefully about the keywords you employ when undertaking your search. In order to assist you in this regard, refer back to your lecture notes and the session slides posted on Moodle; were there particular phrases or concepts that captured your attention?You might also think about your own interests in respect of the media and communication field of study.

Presentation: Each text should be clearly referenced as a sub-heading (i.e. author, date, title, publisher etc.), in line with the Harvard system of referencing. Refer to Cite Them Right and the module guide for guidance. Once completed, you should upload all three summaries as a single post

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