Media Ethics Project: The coverage of issues of race and /gender in 2008 presidential elections in America

The media has a strong and complex influence upon how we understand and shape our world. From news reporting and investigative journalism to the broadcasting of dramas, soaps and films, media provides us with entertainment and information while seeking to enhance our understanding of the world (Quinn 170; Scheufele 104). In this case, directly or indirectly, the media engages with and affect our values, beliefs and fundamental commitments (Sturges 2). Needles to say, given the media’s increasing presence and influence within our world, there are many social and ethical issues that need to be addressed. As a matter of fact, there has been increasing public debate about some matters usually motivated by outrage against some perceived wrong committed by a section of media. For instance, press cynicism, accusations of biasness, media manipulation, condemnations of journalistic intrusions into privacy, hotly contested pronouncements about the appropriate forms of media regulation, distortive effect of the television medium or censorships have all hit the headlines with even greater frequency (Morin 38; Saldin 10). The following paper will try to analyze the coverage of issues of race and /gender in 2008 presidential elections in America. In this case, an in-depth examination of the coverage and discerning patterns within that coverage will be analyzed and Strengths and weaknesses established. The paper will also try to find out if the coverage met its responsibilities to the public, how much the coverage received, when, whether it ebbs and flow, whether there are some news outlets that gave more coverage to the story and why and what this means. Ethical issues involved will also be analysed and the key values and principles that are in conflict.

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