Digital workbook task 4: Media diary (1 x 5 day period), including review (review: 500 words)

The objective of this task is to keep track of your media use – both media you actively consume and media that imposes itself on you (think about how advertising does this, as does other people’s media consumption (!) – over the course of one 5-day working week.

The Diary The diary should include a clear delineation of your daily media use, i.e., the medium/media (for example: television, radio) and further subdivisions (for example: television: Strictly Come Dancing, BBC1).

Furthermore, it would be helpful to include the date and time of day you consume the particular medium in question, for example: “Tues 27 October, I read the Sports’ pages of The Metro between 8 and 8.30 on the London tube on my way to University.” However, the time and specification of the media content (i.e. names of programmes, newspapers etc.), though helpful, is not mandatory. The Review At the end of your diary, write a paragraph on your findings (i.e. a reflective discussion of your media consumption).

The review word-limit is 500.

Questions to consider in your findings should include: Is there anything you use more (or less) than you thought? What medium or media do you use most? Are there any media you never use? To what extent do you consume media on your own or in groups? Are there any surprises in your observations?

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