Matlab project using these codes only:





%example: if isempty(find(sum(test_card’==used’)==2==1)) this means we did

%not use card











%card=[5 2];

%example: J= [num2str(card(1)) ‘-‘ num2str(card(2)) ‘.jpg’]

%imshow(J) (this replaces subplot)







%hold all














%royal flush has to have: same suit, ace queen king jack 10: if

%length(unique(hand))==5 length(unique(suithand)))==1 &&

%sum(sort(hand)==[1 10 11 12 13])==5





I will send you the pictures of the cards later when we make a deal.

Please, only these codes are allowed. If you have to use some other code let me know first before you continue with project.



Attachments: IE 351: Project Definition Due: December 12th, 2015 Texas Hold em’ simulation You must work alone on this project, any portion of code that is plagiarized from others including classmates, online tutors, etc. will get an immediate 0 and you will be subject to the disciplinary guidelines of the course. You will submit a zipped file including your main programs and functions. This is a simulation approach to Texas hold ‘em. There is only one player and the high card does not matter for this simulation. The problem is solved in three steps. Step 1 Ask the user which hand they want to see. This should be done by creating a menu where the user can pick which hand they want to simulate. Step 2 Continue dealing hands until the user’s choice is satisfied.  Deal 52 random cards o Use first 7 as possible cards o Loop through all possible combinations of the 7 cards  Find the maximum score possible from all combinations Step 3 Once the user’s choice has been satisfied use the subplot command and the imshow command to graphically represent the final hand representing the user’s choice. You should also include an fprintf statement which displays how many hands were dealt to reach the user’s choice hand.

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