Masters of Nursing Capstone Project Writing

The Process of Writing Masters on Nursing Education Capstone Project.

When completing your masters’ education in nursing, field, you have to write on a capstone project. A capstone will require the masters’ student to identify a problem in the health fraternity and make use of the work learned and all knowledge you gained to solve the problem and address it directly. Most of the students will do more of research and present in class while others can choose to come up with problem-solving solutions for implementation. A masters student should come up with great masters on nursing education capstone project as they have learned more of leadership on medical care apart from the nursing knowledge they possess. Writing a project, you will have to follow the following steps;

  1. Choose a Topic.

The topic is the first step which requires the student to choose a topic to write about in their project. You should pick a subject that you are interested and comfortable with to reduce chances of getting challenges in writing. Interesting doesn’t mean you decide the easiest but a topic which has not being written by many people. You should also ensure you narrow down your problem to ensure you remain focused in your project. You can achieve this by providing your population is not such broad and specific time frame.

  1. Submit your Capstone Proposal to your Advisor.

You will now have to write your proposal on the topic you are writing on. A proposal is a central part as it entails some categories your plan should start by giving an introduction to your topic and why you choose to write on that. Your introduction will also show in the audience. You will also write on theories behind the question and give your statement of the problem and the hypothesis of your topic.

You will also be required to give a review of the literature you are going to use in your research on the subject. Here you will provide the sources of your information where you intend to do your research. You will also include the methodologies you will also be using to collect your information from those affected by your project. The method involves the use of interview where you will give the number of people to interview, observation and also questionnaires. You can also include an alternative proposal in case your first one is not authorized.

  1. The Research.

Once the proposal is accepted, now you have to do a wide research on your subject. You will have to read your literature or other sources and try to apply them in your work. You will have to interpret the facts from your research and give your solutions to be implemented. Make sure you draw reasonable conclusions about how the facts you are providing are related to the real-life situation. You can now ensure that you have followed all the guidelines and instructions given by your advisor to avoid rejection Proofread your work and edit it to make sure that there are no mistakes and then hand over to your advisor.

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