Marketing Plan 3

For the 3rd part of the marketing plan (1st & 2nd part attached as refrence) answer the questions listed below. Make sure the information about Arimount is presented in a professional and error free manner. The answer to each question should be around 400 words using APA style. Question #1 To what segments will Arimountmarket to, and what variables should be used in these segmentations?. Question #2 Discuss the way Arimountwill address your customers buying decision process. The answers are in relation to company and product discussed in the attached papers.

Document Preview:
1 UNIT I Marketing Plan Assigment MBA 5501 Advanced Marketing By Markie Hinson2 Executive summary Arimount is a well established beauty and grooming company. Arimount has been operating in the hygiene market for 20 years now. As far as the financials are concerned the company has a track record of an average return on investment. Arimount is currently developing a new deodorant product using a new chemical that will allow the deodorant to work for up to five days even after showering. This product has been named Arimount Extralast deodorant. The objective of launching this new innovative product is to maximize the market share of the company and increase profits. 1. Situational analysis 1.1 SWOT Analysis In-depth insight and extended knowledge of hygiene industry, experienced research and development department and a well networked existing distribution channels are the strengths of Arimount. The weaknesses of Arimount include the reliance of the company on debt capital. Opportunities include being a part of the growing hygiene industry and gaining cost effectiveness through economy of scale. Threats for Arimount include competition from existing players in this market and studies that discuss the negitive side effects of the chemicals on the skin and to the environment. 1.2 Competition The three primary competitors of Arimount Extralast deodorant are Klima Antiperspirant, Adidas Absorbent-Deo Wetness Control and Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant. Europe based Klima antiperspirant is an extremely effective deodorant in spray form. The website of Klima antiperspirant claims that applying the deodorant keeps the underarms free from wetness for up to 5 days. It is sold online and priced at $24.95. Adidas Absorbent-Deo Wetness Control is aluminum free and most athletic women swear by this product. It is priced high for $38.95. Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant is one of the best-selling brands in the market. It is easily available at local stores and low priced for…


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