Marketing Plan 1016

For the next part of the marketing plan (1-5) parts attached as references answer the questions listed below. Make sure the information about Arimount is presented in a professional and error free manner. The answer for question 1 should be 300 words, question 2 should be 300 words and Question 3. 300 Words. Total 900 words using APA style citing at lease 1 reference per answer (not attachedreferences) Question#1 Explain your communication objectives and the communication channels Arimount will use to influence your target audience. Question#2 Your company wants a recommendation of an event sponsorship possibility that is appropriate for Arimount’s new product campaign. What type of event would you recommend, and what objectives would you set for the sponsorship? Question#3 Discuss two new product ideas that can result from Arimount, and address the needs of your target segments. The answers should all be in relation to company and product discussed in the attached references (Arimount).

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