Marketing 400 Test 3

Marketing 400 Test 3
Fall of 2015
Due by midnight at the end of Sunday, November 8th.
Each answer should be about a paragraph long. Do not copy your answers from the web, the text book, etc. In other words, you MAY USE the book, the videos, your notes, and other sources, but WRITE YOUR ANSWERS IN YOUR OWN WORDS.
Five essays at 14 possible points each (for a total of 70 points possible).

1.- From our class discussions on pricing (Chapters 10 and 11), explain the importance of Long Run Average Cost (LRAC), and the importance of the reservation price of the segment that values the product the most, when a firm is setting long term prices.

2.- Regarding “sales promotion,” explain the difference between the tools available for consumer promotions and the tools available for trade and business promotions. For this to make perfect sense to you, I think you’ll have to look at both the Chapter 15 video and the book…

3.- Explain the importance of getting innovative new products to market quickly.

4.- Explain why Rolls Royce doesn’t sell their cars in a lot more dealerships like Ford and Chrysler do.

5.- From Chapter 15, in your own words, in four sentences or less, explain the difference between the “Endorsement” and the “Personality Symbol” ad execution styles.

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