Managing Projects

Managing Projects

Task 1 (40% marks)

1) Draw the network diagram (use activity on the node). (8 marks)

2) Explain how you determined the timing of activities and the total float. (6 marks)

3) Explain how you determined the project duration and the critical path. (6 marks)

4) If the project starts on theMonday 15 April 2013, what is the earliest date it can be completed using a 5 day working week? Assume no other holidays (explain how you calculated the figure). (4 marks)

5) If the following happened what would be the effect on the duration of the whole project? Explain the reasons. (6 marks)

Task 2 (60% marks)

As Project Manager you are responsible for the ensuring the initial opening and operational requirements of the new facility are identified. You are required to prepare a report concerning the main issues to be addressed from a project management perspective (2,000 words). From aproject management perspectiveoutline the activities required to successfully implement this new initiative, ensuring that it can open on-time, and within budget. Again you should note that you are taking possession of a purpose built building and have to address the issues that would allow the building to be operated by your client. You should note that the emphasis should be concerned with you communicating your knowledge of project management.

The analysis should include the skills and competencies required by the Project Manager, along with the project management process. Use examples of the concerns, stages, processes, leadership, administration and control problems associated with managing the lifecycle of this major project.

Assignment presentation and assessment

The answers to both tasks are independent and should be addressed separately.

Task 1 (i.e. the network diagram information – (600 words) – completed as an individual task

Task 2 a report that is produced for task two (2000 words) – completed as an individual task

For your convenience both tasks should be submitted as one document, which contains both individual tasks.


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