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Overall Sessions Outline





Overall Sessions Outline for Thesis Course


When to be covered Topics to be covered Outcome Remarks
  Session: 1    
Session: 1 ·         Elaborating on the course objectives and delivery mechanism.


·         Overall to thesis research

o   The aim of thesis

o   Thesis chapter and layout

o   Time management skills

o   Thesis constraint

o   Ethical issues for researcher

o   Copyright issues

o   Guidelines and references


·         Understanding the Guidelines Booklets and references citations.


·         Role of the electronic resources.



·         Sample thesis report – walk through


·      Understanding the thesis framework



·      Starting the chapter one.

·         Students is expected to bring hard and softcopy of their research proposal. It is encourage making five minute with 3 slides.



·         Students will be given several handout prior to the session and during the session.


·         Student expected to write minutes for every session.




Session: 1 Chapter 1: “Introduction”

1.1  Introduction

1.2  Statement of the problem

1.3  Aim of the study

1.4  Research objectives

1.5  Hypothesis

1.6  Significant of the study

1.7  Structure of the thesis

1.8  Scope and Limitation of the study

1.9  Definition of terms


Gained Knowledge regarding  Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 1:  Introduction

Justify why your topic area is worth investigating in the first place; outline the main issues and summaries the contents of the chapters which are to follow, explaining the rationale of their content. By the time the reader gets to the end of the introduction, they should have a clear idea of what the study is all about, why it is relevant, and what to expect in the ensuing chapters.


Homework Assignment: Student has to finalize chapter one and presented during session 2   Assignment:

Writing chapter one.

  Session: 2    
Session: 2 Class Discussion regarding of chapter one write up   Class Activity
Session: 2 Chapter 2: “Summary of Literature Review”

2.1 Introduction.

2.2 literature review on the research topics domain and conceptual literatures relevant to the topics.

2.2 Summarize and assess what has already been written (primary, secondary and treasury

2.3 Apply analytical tools to the situation with supportive theory and references.





Gained Knowledge regarding  Chapter 2: “Summary of Literature Review”

Chapter 2:  Summary of Literature Review

The chapter requires you to have selected at least 10 current articles from relevant scientific and have provided technical up-to-date information (last 3 to 4 years) about a research topic.  The outcome should be to:

·         Find out, summarize and assess what has already been written (academic journal, books, newspapers, government reports, etc.) in the specific study area; and,

·         Analyze the situation using appropriate models & analytical tools. It should be properly referenced. Ensure that you show the relevance of the theory for your study at strategic points. Note: a theoretical/literature component is a significant criterion in marking the submission.

Summary of your ‘critical understanding’ should not be around 10 pages.

Homework Assignment 2: Student has to finalize chapter Two and presented during session 3   Assignment:

Writing chapter two.

Session: 2 Chapter 3: Methodology: Summary of Empirical Study


3.1 Summary and Critiquing of the empirical study relevant studies had done within the topics domains.

3.2 highlighting the major factors of the appropriate research framework across studies or authors. Develop comparison matrix

3.3 Contribution of the literature review to the research.

Gained Knowledge regarding  Chapter 3: “Methodology: Summary of Empirical Study”

Chapter 3:  Methodology: Summary of Empirical Study

A similar structure presented in the literature review should also be carried out here when summarizing the empirical study. You have to present the different method and empirical tools used by different researchers to analyze the same or a similar problem you have. Your summary should not around 10 pages

Homework Assignment 2: Student has to finalize chapter Two and presented during session 3   Assignment:

Writing chapter two.

  Session: 3    
Session: 3 Class Discussion regarding assignments of chapter three and four write up   Class Activity
Session: 3 Chapter 4: “ Presentation of Data Empirical Study”

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Theoretical Framework

4.3 Conceptual Framework

4.4 Operationalization of the independent variable and dependent variables

4.5 Instrument for collection data

4.6 Target population

4.7 Sample criteria and sampling size

4.8 Methods for data analysis

4.9 Reliability and validity test

4.10 Ethical Issues





Gained Knowledge regarding  Chapter 4: “Presentation of Data Empirical Study”

Chapter 4:  Presentation of Data:  Empirical Study

This should EXPLAIN, and JUSTIFY, the approach taken in getting your data.

EXPLAIN: Describe HOW you went about getting your information, your sources, and any difficulties with access to information, etc.

JUSTIFY: for example, you must make clear WHY you chose that particular sample of interviewees, and/or questionnaires, and/or secondary information. You must address such questions as: why is that sample appropriate to what it is you are investigating? Why did you ask these questions, and not those? How do you know people answered your questions in the way you intended? How did you compensate for your own bias? In other words, think how you would explain to someone that your data is both valid (i.e.: reliable enough to make valid connections between cause & effect), and replicable (i.e.: if someone else asked the same question to the same sample, would they get the same results?).


Session: 3 Assignment: Student has to finalize chapter three and presented during session 4   Assignment:

Writing chapter three

  Session: 4    
  Class Discussion regarding of chapter three write up   Class Activity
Session: 4 Chapter 5: “Analysis of Data”

5.1 Analysis of Survey Question

5.2 Result of the Main Independent variable


Gained Knowledge regarding  Chapter 5: “Analysis of Data”

Chapter 5:  Analysis of Data

You choose one of the tools used in the empirical literature.  You can also adapt it to your problem if needed and then start your empirical study.

You have to present the strengths and weaknesses of the methodological tools applied and the research hypothesis identified from your literature review.

You have to present clearly and precisely the data you have chosen, the sources of this data and what kind of outcome you should anticipate with this data when applying the empirical tool.

You have to present the result of the empirical study and a summary of this part.

  Assignment: Student has to finalize chapter 5 and presented during session 5   Assignment:

Writing chapter four

Session: 4 Chapter 6: Discussion and interpretation of the finding

6.1  Statistical Analysis and inferencing

6.2  Hypothesis testing

6.3  Comparing result to other Similar studies

6.4 Implication of the results on the organization.

Gained Knowledge regarding  Chapter 6: “Discussion and interpretation of the finding

Chapter 6:  Discussion and Interpretation of Findings

This should, as far as is possible, be a straightforward reporting of what was found out. With questionnaires this is easy – you just present the numbers in table format with the explanations and interpretation below each figure or table.

In the case of interviews you may need to combine the factual reporting with the interpretation, analysis & discussion of the results.

In this chapter you also need to interpret the results, and discuss their implications. You need to draw out the key points, which will point towards the next chapter. This often is the hardest part to write up well, requiring you to think hard and carefully, and argue persuasively, your interpretation of the results and evaluate their implications for your organization. This chapter provides a vital link between the bare data, and the conclusions and recommendations. Note: any weaknesses in the methodology will come to light here. Analysis and Interpretation are used interchangeably.


Session: 4 Class Discussion regarding of chapter four write up   Class Activity
Session: 4 Chapter 7Conclusions, implications, and recommendations.”

7.1 Overview

7.2 Summary of the finding

7.3 Discussion and conclusion

7.4 Contribution to the body of knowledge

7.5 Result limitations

7.4 Recommendations

7.5 Suggestion for further studies

7.6 Summary


Chapter 7:  Conclusions, Implications, and Recommendations

The conclusion is a summary of your thesis. You have to summarize every chapter of your work and more intensely the last one (empirical part).

You have to present the result and the relation of your result with the literature and the empirical study. Then you present the limitation of your results and the recommendation to improve this study or what should be done to go further.

Present the finding. The conclusions must proceed logically from the findings and must demonstrate that you have answered fully your research questions. There should be clear, feasible recommendations. It should be recognized that recommendations are no use without a plan for their implementation, or at least a consideration of the main problems that will be encountered in their implementation. Very often students overlook this part. You must demonstrate that you have bridged the theory-practice gap.


  Reference   The reference list includes all those materials cited in the thesis.  GBS Handbook and APA (American Psychological Association) formats are required.
TBA Assignment: Student has to finalize chapter five and present during session 5   Assignment:

Writing chapter five

  Finalizing the thesis for all chapters and making suggestion for each group   Class Activity



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