Management accounting and control

Coursework assignment: write a 2,500 word essay on the following topic:

“The budget has historically played center stage in most organizations’ systems of management control (Otley, 1994). However, recently it has been the subject of considerable criticism (Hansen et al., 2003). Budgeting has beendeemed‘broken’ (Jensen, 2001), ‘a thing of the past’ (Gurton, 1999), or an ‘unnecessary evil’ (Wallander, 1999)”

(Libby & Lindsay, 2010: 56).


Critically assess the argumentsand the evidencefor the claim that organizations no longer need budgets.


You should consult academic journal articles for your coursework. Forget about the internet, other than to seek academicreferences.


Remember to reference your sources using an appropriate citation system, such as Harvard. Essays will lose marks for poor referencing style.

Style guides to referencing are available in the library and online:


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