Luke, an employee at ABC Company, is developing the company’s piece of land located adjacent to the location of the property of Owen, Luke’s brother. Luke is aware that the price for the property neighbouring the land of ABC will go down permanently as soon as Company ABC makes a public announcement of its plans in a month’s time. Luke also knows that he has a responsibility to have the company’s best interest at heart while at the same time advice his brother on the best action to take.

Should Luke divulge the confidential information to his brother that could possibly jeopardize the project and the interest of ABC Company in the said neighbourhood but could be beneficial to the greater number of people? In this particularly situation Luke can either choose to be loyal to his company or to be loyal to his brother. He must choose one of those decisions that may cost him his job or may cost a strain of relationship to his dear brother. It is a choice between protecting oneself or be a hero to the greater number of people. A battle between honesty and loyalty on which being honest can be damaging to the company which feeds him or staying loyal to his organization but potentially devastates a community including a valued relationship with his brother. But at the end of the day he must come up to a decision entwined with painful consequences

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