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1. What major distinctions does Crevecoeur draw between American society and European society? 2. What explanation does Crevecoeur offer for the advantages seen in American society? 3. According to Crevecoeur, what IS an American? 4. What is Thomas Paine arguing in the section of Common Sense from the text? What does he compare “prostitution” to? What does he say will happen if the American government decides to return again into the hands of the British? 5. What does Paine say that the Christian faith is a species of? 6. What interest you the most in Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence? 7. “On Being Brought from Africa to America,” the poem reveals the “whiteness of blackness” in colonial America—explain how she accomplishes this. 8. Should Wheatley’s poetry be considered an important point of origin for African American verse? Why or why not? 9 Which section of reading did you enjoy the most this week? Why?

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