Long Term Training – Del Mar College

1.Why this field of study is important to you. 1.Re: Obtaining a degree and certifications in the Program: (Computer Information systems: networking technology specialization, network support and administration) is important to me because I feel it would be the type of work i wouldn’t mind waking up to do, i’d making enough to live comfortable and support a family of my own someday, and it would make my mother proud. 2.past work history 2.Re: Smartech-worked as an IT tech contractor, which most closely means I was dispatched out to places like 7-eleven or Del Rio High school to replace parts such as motherboards, hard drives, and graphics cards, or troubleshoot touchscreen displays or Startup errors on Dell Laptops, desktops, and tablets. Stripes convenience store, part of a team that oversaw the convenience store making sure products were readily available, and sensitive items such as lottery scratch offs and cigarettes were documents and counted daily. 3.duties or tasks you will preform for “that” job title. “the aforementioned program” 3.Re: Repair, troubleshoot computers, monitor connectivity between servers of a network and resolve and issues that may arise, administer software updates, patches, and new hardware to the work or business environment. Practice safe cyber activity or “cyber security”. 4.Salary you will earn not only locally but statewide. 4.Re: Locally $60,000-75,000 statewide:$75,000-100,000

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