Literature Rerearch

Literature Rerearch
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Literature Rerearch

REMINDER The project assignment is to prepare a research report on a current topics which are appropriate to the course. You are to find three related articles on a topic of interest which have been published recently (2005 or later). The articles should be drawn from an academic journal which is peer reviewed, and each article should be a minimum of three pages in length. You are to provide a brief summary on the focus/content of each article and you are to present and develop an underlying theme and critical evaluation of the articles. You are to engage in evaluation and synthesis of the materials NOT a restatement of the articles.
Possible topics for research include but are not limited to:
¥ Data Quality
¥ Data Staging
¥ Data Marts
¥ Meta Data
¥ Business Intelligence
¥ Decision Support
¥ Schema Types
¥ Extract Transform Load
¥ Differences Between OLTP and OLAP
You final delivery will be in the form research report consisting of at least 3 technical references. You must include a section for your references following the APA style guide.

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