Learning Plan

LP9.2 Assignment: Case Study

Directions: For this assignment you will complete the Case Study Analysis (Part III) in your textbook. (see pages 255).

Technical Writing Guidelines
Create a Microsoft Word document in which you will:

Prepare a Case Study Analysis that will be a minimum of 8–10 pages in length (not including a title page or reference page)
Use APA style, one-inch margins, double spaced, use a“12” point font (Arial or Times New Roman), and include appropriate references (citations where necessary)
Use correct sentence structure and grammar
Organize your paper and include material content in a clear, relevant, accurate, and concise manner
Include correct interpretation of data and provide analysis and conclusions that are based on fact and/or research
Use appropriate vocabulary and terms associated with the subject matter

Case Study Analysis Components
Case Study will include:

Complete the Case Questions pages: 46, 88, 114, 147, 184, 254, 307, 352, 379, 416, 450
Include a summary statement of the analysis phase in the Case Study scenario
Answer all of the case questions on pages: (make sure to number your answers corresponding to the questions within your textbook (ex. Case Question 1, etc.)
Complete all of the required diagrams and illustrations. (use MS Word 2007 to create diagrams) Draw/Illustrate showing the information in the Case Study scenario.
Complete an analysis of Figures: 8-1 and its information.

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