Leadership Transformational Speech Exercise Assignment


Create a brief leadership speech for the following situation. You are a reliable new Lt. Colonel in the Union Army during the Civil War. It is the day before the expected battle of Gettysburg. Your company is from the State of Maine, and you have lost several hundred men so far during the war. As your company is preparing for the battle, you are informed that you have been assigned 106 Maine regulars who have refused to fight anymore during this war. The 106 malcontents are under guard and have just arrived at your camp. They have been assigned to you because your outfit is from Maine (during the Civil War, army groupings were by State) … You have just a few hours to decide what to do with these soldiers. You can do whatever you want with them, including shooting some or all of them, starve or otherwise punish them, persuade them to join you in battle, or assign men to keep them under guard away from the battle. You will have an opportunity to speak to them later today. You need the 106 soldiers to fight with you, because you barely have enough men to hold your company’s position. You were a history professor before the war, and you have decided to speak to the malcontents. What will you say or do to persuade them to join your company in battle? Be prepared to give your brief persuasion speech in class.

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