Leader in Organizations: Steve Jobs and Apple Inc

Based on the quest for capable leadership, theories such as great man and trait theories have been proposed (Cherry, n.d.). The former suggesting leadership in inborn while the latter suggesting leadership is inborn based on specific traits (Cherry, n.d.). There are also theories that focus on contingency, situations and behavior. Contingency theories suggest the environment determines leadership. Situational theories suggest leaders choose best practices based on situations encountered while behavioral theories suggest leadership is based on specific behavior patterns (Cherry, n.d.). There is an also participative theory, which suggests that ideal leadership is one that takes other participants in to account. Management theories on other hand imply leadership involves supervision and control. The last category mentioned are the relationship theories that focus on connections between leaders and followers (Cherry, n.d.). This paper seeks to identify the role of leadership in Apple Inc, and clarify how the leader and leadership style were instrumental in the organization’s performance.

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