Law Outline

APA Formatted
with reference page and URLs listed University and Community College System of Nevada v. Farmer
• Re-read the University case, “University and Community College System of Nevada v. Farmer.”
• Note the data under the case title: 113 Nev. 90, 930 P.2d 730 (Nev. Sup. Ct. 1997), cert. denied, 523 U.S. 1004 (March 9, 1998). What do these details signify?
• Outline and submit the case, using the standard legal outline headings.
Sample outline (needs to be done like this)
I. Case Name and Citation
A. Include the court or agency deciding the case
B. Include the citation, which tells where to find the reported decision.
II. Key Facts (in brief)
1. Why – are parties before the court or agency?
2. What – are the parties seeking?
Stage in the legal process (Trial Court, NLRB, Appeals Court, etc.)
. What happened at prior stages (if any) in the legal process?
Legal Issue (s)
. Include legal problem(s) raised by the facts of the dispute.
Reasoning of the Decision-Maker
. Why was dispute resolved the way it was?
A. How did the decision-maker apply or reconcile the legal principles involved?

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