Language issues in Eritrea as it affects educaion

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My research study focuses on language issues (policies and implementation) in Eritrea as they effect and/or relate to education. In a nutshell, my investigation is on languages issues in education in Eritrea. You are helping me with the chapter three in my dissertation, which is the Theoretical Framework chapter. This chapter identifies which theories underpin language issues and policies in Eritrea and how these theories are critiqued. Therefore, I am supposed to look at theories, which underpin the various government policies in general, and those influencing policy in Eritrea in particular. Moreover, this chapter 3 is to critic these theories and shows how other authors have critiqued them. In this regard, I was thinking of language theorists including Cummins, Bourdieu, Coleman etc.
I would like the table of contents as soon as possible so I have an idea on what expect.
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