John Key Prime Minister of New Zealand

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You Have to follow this instructions:

1. A short summary of their life including details of nationality, education, birth family circumstances, siblings, marriage etc (Half Page ).

2. A more detailed explanation of the rise to leadership of the person, including (as far as possible) timelines, significant events, problems overcome, etc (Half page)

3. An analysis of the person’s leadership style using the information from the textbook and other course materials to support your observations (One page).

The leaders’ are then compared and contrasted. The aim of this discussion is to show awareness of the diversity in leadership styles and situations in which they apply.

4. Create a table to highlight the similarities and differences between your leaders.( John Key Prime Minister of New Zealand & David Cameron
British Prime Minister)
5. Discuss the impact on John Key Prime Minister of New Zealand leadership style (Half page)

a. of the situation in which he is a leader
b. of his own personal history

6. Comment (briefly) on the outcome if the two leaders were swapped, so that they were in each other’s role (one page).

7. Make two recommendations for John Key Prime Minister of New Zealand to improve their leadership ability, based on your understanding (so far) of leadership. You must give reasons why each recommendation is being made (One page).

(To answer question 7 you may need to make assumptions about some weaknesses of the leader you are discussing (This is OK)).

Q1- Short bio of leader gives life story details that may have helped form personal leadership style, possible important events/connections highlighted. All details asked for in question given.

Q2- ‘Rise to top’ in working life covered with key events or milestones stated, and any trends revealed. Factors such as qualifications, work history, public office (if any), publications, etc listed as evidence. Time period from start of working life/leadership journey to ‘top’ of leadership.

Q3- Analysis of leader’s style using concepts of BSNS6730, references to theory made, and examples given to illustrate. Context of leader and significance of stakeholder community also included. A definitive statement of style and skills of the leader is given. (Actual facts less important than the explanation and evidence for opinion).
Q4- shows significant similarities and/or differences between leaders bio, journey, style (summarised & brief – do not repeat work above – use headings which relate to previous work). At least three main points of comparison.
Q5 (A)
(Q 5 a & b are discussing Q 4 table)
The aim here is to explain the differences or similarities revealed in Q 7.
Situational influences on leaders explained in context of Blanchard model (SLII) (contrast & compare).

5 (B)
The aim here is to explain the differences or similarities revealed in Q 4.
Personal history influences on leaders explained (compare & contrast)

Q6- Role reversal discussed briefly using the evidence from Q4 and Q5 to support statements made.

Q7- Recommendations made to improve leaders’ ability.
1. Recommendation made (specific advice on leadership skill within context of course knowledge).
2. Explained (observation to support why this is needed).
3. Justified from theory (reason why the action will have a positive effect).
4. Effect predicted and connected to possible better outcome.

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