Jane Eyre

This essay will be both an argumentative and research essay. Your goal is to make an effective argument using elements of argumentation: claim, support, logic, credibility, audience, purpose, voice, and preemptive strikes. In addition to demonstrating argumentation skills, your essay should exhibit high-level research and documentation skills. Argumentative Essay on Victorian fiction The Victorian period in England was a time of strict social roles. People were not allowed the freedom to create an identity that clashed with societal expectations. Using the characters in the Victorian fiction Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, you should argue that all that is right or wrong with the characters is due to the influence of their 19th century societal constraints. In other words, the characters are not to blame for their faults; they are simply a product of the time period. Make a clear case that the characters are not to be held responsible for his/her actions because the responsibility lies with society’s standards. Your essay should demonstrate a thorough understanding of 19th century societal norms as well as a multifaceted understanding of the story. Remember that each body paragraph should include multiple outside (not the novel) sources and no single outside source should be utilized/cited more than twice in the same paragraph. Sprinkles from the novel should be utilized liberally throughout the essay. Your citing should demonstrate the ability to use both signal phrase and parenthetical citations.

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