It is most sensible to start with the sales budget and develop the other budget from there

Consider the following statement: It is most sensible to start with the sales budget and develop the other budget from there. After what you have learned this week with regards to budget processes and procedures, analyse the validity of this statement. Do you agree with the statement? Justify your answer based on the week’s readings. How should sales revenues be considered when determining other costs? need 750 words, use 3-4 references including the attached reading material( publication and book
(Atrill & McLaney 2012) please make sure it is checked for plagiarism as last time had really high return and i will ask for refund if that is the case again. try to use one example from your own experience or from the web. the deadline is in 30 hours from now. but please don’t copy and paste from internet as plagiarism level allowed is 9% and please your response to be related to the attached reading material.

Document Preview:
PUBLIC MONEY & MANAGEMENT AUGUST 2008239 © 2008 THE AUTHORS JOURNAL COMPILATION © 2008 CIPFA This article presents findings from the first phase of a longitudinal study on implementation of benchmarking in three large acute National Health Service (NHS) trusts in the eastern region of England. Benchmarking of performance uses Healthcare Resource Groups (HRGs) (NCMO, 1997, p. 5) as the basis for compiling the National Reference Cost Index (NRCI) (NHSME, 2000), which ranks all hospitals in terms of their cost position relative to the national average. The findings concentrate on the attitudes of professional groups towards preparation and uses of this management accounting information for performance measurement and comparison between NHS trusts. It considers: •The management accounting challenges in building up the HRG costing information. •Accountants’ views on the validity of the costing information. •The different approaches to benchmarking adopted in the three trusts. •Contrasts in the views of accountants, managers and clinicians towards benchmarking. Role of HRGs in Performance Measurement The 1989 White Paper Caring for Patients instituted a split between the role of district health authorities as purchasers of services and hospitals as providers of services governed by contractual arrangements. An internal market was created and hospitals began competing, rather than collaborating, with each other. Resulting problems included high transaction costs and dysfunctional behaviour. These were recognized when the newly-elected Labour government in 1997 abandoned the internal market, and heralded a new era of co-operation and sharing of information and learning when it published The New NHS White Paper (DoH, 1997). The proposals under the new framework introduced a period of radical change. The fundamental theme linking the objectives of the White Paper was the concern to reduce variations in performance. Publication of the Acheson Report (1998) on inequalities in…

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