International Business

Daniels, J. D., Radebaugh, L. H., & Sullivan, D. P. (2015). International business: Environments and operations (15th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.






Must use three sources. One is the text book and find two additional sources. Paper needs to be two pages. APA style, excluding title page and reference page.












– You are the CEO of XYZ manufacturing company. You have decided that you would like to market your product to Turkey. Consider the following points in your paper; you can make assumptions, but support your work with facts and scholarly references:




– Discuss the reasons why your company would want to expand overseas.


– Discuss what your mode of international business would be and how moving abroad will expand sales.


– How will you minimize risks and acquire resources?


– What are the factors you may face expanding into a foreign market? How might you mitigate those barriers?

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