Integrated Information System

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Course Name: Management Information System Course – MBA Level
Subject of the project: Integrated information system
Overview of the project:
Write a research on “Integrated information system “ which includes the following parts “minimum 15 pages – maximum 19 pages”:
1- Table of content
2- Introduction: includes overall summary of the topic, plan and objectives “maximum 2 pages”
3- Literature Review: definitions, aspects, and most important findings from peer-reviewed journal articles “not books”, regarding integrated information system. This can be historical data, statistical findings and any other important findings related to “Integrated Information System”. “Maximum 4 pages”
4- Body of the project: methodology part, data collection “10-13 pages”. Might include the following aspects:
a. Definition
b. Components
c. Evolution of Integrated Information System
d. Characteristics and features
e. Importance nowadays – why business companies use Integrated Information System
f. Implementation
g. Future aspects
5- Conclusion: insights, scientific value of the findings, deep ideas or discussions
6- References: should be from peer-reviewed journal articles, using MLA or APA style. Use intext citation when required.
Project should have a direct relation between the project contents and the title of the project. Also, it should include insight and scientific value.
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