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ASSIGNMENT QUESTIONS: 1. You are required to work on these concerns in the information technology world. Many companies, knows that computing is a resource to help computerised processes. It is also a source for revenue and this has caused much anxiety in the areas of public access. You are to discuss and put forward possible solutions for the following; How, computing resources can be applied efficiently if these are concentrated together in a information centre within a company? What are the concerns? What are the structures that can be used? [30 marks] Note: This part should be about 1500 words 2. With today’s technology and changing environment of computing, resources for information processing has taken on a new meaning and dimension. Almost all computer installations are now “linked” to the Internet. Invariably such links has caused concern for many companies. We are now looking at the upgrade of computer systems at World Computers Inc. The company is a traditionalist in information privacy, security and the application of new technologies. You are now a member of this powerful team to turn the computing resources and scope into the modern arena. a. What hardware requisition would give the kind of environment that the company has always operated on and blending into the new technology age? [25 marks] b. What software is necessary to ensure that they can operate in this secured environment? [25 marks] c. Discuss how the new look data processing department may be set up, taking into consideration that their business is now poised to embrace the internet fully. [20 marks] This assignment is purely a discussion and effort is to be spent in understanding the concept of change and the application technology (especially internet/internet strategies). Marks would be given for originality. Any direct reference to text would not be given marks. This assignment must not be done in groups. Other Guidelines 1. Indicate all references, e.g. Web-site URL or reference books,…


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