Paper details:
The paper should be 5 – 7 pages, text will be formatted double space, font Calibri, size 12. The content of the paper will on the Immune system and its applications on health-related efforts. This assignment will be on immunological procedures you will be performing in the near future as medical staff.

The introduction paragraph should cover ~1 page and should discuss how multiple medical procedure, assays and tests have been developed directly from the functions of the immune system. Choose 3 immunological tests or procedures to discuss and list them in your introduction.

In the body of your paper, for each procedure you should cover ~1.5 pages. Explain in detail how the tests or procedures work, when they are used in the medical field and how they are based on and generated by the immune system, whether in vivo or in vitro, and their possible pitfalls (false positives or false negative results or complications). For the entire paper, only 3 figures or tables are allowed, and of these, only one can be as big as half the page. The other 2 images should be up to ~1/3 of the page (pick wisely). Unless you draw these images yourself, please reference. Including figures, the bibliography should have at least 12 entries.

Since this is submitted via Turnitin, the text will be cross-referenced for plagiarism. PLEASE do not copy/paste. You must write the ideas and concepts in your own words and then reference the statements. Peer-reviewed articles from are encouraged but not required. Create the entire document in Microsoft Word and upload it to the website. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE or you will get a zero for this paper. You have ~1 month to write and submit. I will give you up to 2 draft reviews, so email these to me and I will send you your paper back with some feedback. Once you submit, you can not edit your paper anymore. Good luck and enjoy the assignment.

. If you are talking about ELISA, Western Blot, Agglutination or Coombs tests, or something that requires antibodies, you HAVE to explain how these are generated by the immune system. Use subheadings for your different sections, for example, this explanation for the antibodies could be “Antibody Generation”. Start from B cell DNA VDJ recombination to generate diversity, how this diversity leads to specific antibodies to recognize antigens, mass production of these by plasma cells and from here, how we produce Monoclonal or Polyclonal antibodies. Once you got all that well explained, then you can go on to your next section… “ELISA” for example and talk about the techinque and say that specific monoloclonal (or poloyclonal) antibodies are generated for this test as explained above in the Antibody Generation section. Same with WB, same with agglutinations, etc.

If you talked about vaccinations or the TB skin test, you have to have a section explaining how the immune system recognizes, responds to and generates memory against antigens or pathogens. You need to start from the Dendritic cell, to T cells (CD4 and CD8) to CTLs and Plasma cells to memory cells, all of it in a subsection. Then talk about the application of this basic science in vaccines or the TB test. You must explain the basic science in Immunology and how that serves as the foundation for the application.

You have to describe the test, how it works, what is it used for, when could you get a false + or a false – with

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