i want one page paper about the articles

Q1-compare the two article how they are similar and how they are different? how do their conclusions compare?

Document Preview:
Today I’d like to take you on a journey across the world. We’ll be going to such different places as Manitoba, India, Japan, Minnesota and China … – looking for different ways that people learn. We’ll be looking at how different cultures shape different learning styles. Let’s start from Canada and meet the Inuit people. The Inuits live in the northern part of North America and Siberia. They’re often called Eskimos, but they dislike this name and actually regard it as offensive. Anyway, this is something that actually happened some time ago during a report-card meeting between teachers and parents at a local school. There was this Inuit parent talking to her child’s Canadian teacher. At a certain point, the teacher said: “Your son is talking well in class. He is speaking up a lot.”. And, much to her surprise, the Inuit parent replied: “I am sorry” (quoted in Atkinson 1997). Clearly, there was a clash of expectations here. The teacher was praising the child’s active participation in class, on the assumption that children at school should be taking part in lessons by asking questions, discussing things with the teacher and classmates, reacting to what is said and done by the teacher. But the Inuit parent had quite a different idea of what going to school and learning mean, of what teachers and students should be doing in class. For her, the role of the student was basically to listen, observe and learn. Now, we can’t appreciate this position unless we know that silence is very much valued in the Inuit culture: if adults don’t know each other very well, they often remain silent while they’re in close contact. On the other hand, for the Inuit parent the role of the teacher was to explain, ask questions and transmit knowledge – so she was sorry that her child had broken what she took for granted as the appropriate school norms. So what we are going to explore today are some of the ways in which cultures can influence learning styles. But first, what do we mean by…


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