I need someone who can write a creative business proposal with a progress report.

I need a business proposal  with a progress report along with it. I must choose one of the topic listed. I need someone who will deliever good work 100% because this worth 2 letter grades and my teacher grade very hard. I must follow all the direction listed that I have posted. I am willing to pay for the work but it must be very creative.


Due January 4, 2016. I have access to the online book if needed. I need it in the form of a Business Proposal, like you want to start your own business. It can be make believe along with it I need a progress report with it. I have to be a topic from the 3 topic listed below nothing else. It can’t be less than 4 pages long can be more. This is worth 2 letter grades.


You will write a short, progress report in which you pick a topic (i.e. parking on campus) and imagine that you are working in a group (as a fictional or actual business or agency, etc.) with a specific solution in mind for the proposed “problem” (See below for topics). Write a progress report about that status of a specific solution you have set out for the “problem” that is your topic. Provide specific details about why your solution is/is not working, what you are doing to fix the situation, anticipated completion date, etc. Providing these specific details will mean that you will have to research these solutions and your ideas in order to convincingly argue the progress of your original proposal. You must internally cite these sources within your proposal according to MLA requirements, and provide a Works Cited page. The most important element of this report is your ARGUMENT about why your solution is a good one, not just its “progress” per se.


Audience: Imagine that your specific audience is the “higher up” in an organization hierarchy, but also keep in mind that in many ways your argument is to the larger audience of all of your coworkers.  Yes, you need to convince the organization to make the change, but you also need to convince them that they will be able to “sell” this to everyone else once they make the decision.  While they have the power, decisions are never “about” a single person.  You need to think of things from the company’s perspective, it is not just about convincing them you are right; it is about convincing them that they can convince everyone else too.


Proposal/Report Topics

Decide which of these topics you would like to focus on. Then narrow it down to a specific issue or problem.


  • A proposal for a change in your community that will address a problem or issue that impacts the quality of life in your community.


  • A proposal for a change in your work place (the fictitious business you, or you and your discussion group, created) that will improve the morale, productivity, or safety of the employees.


  • A proposal for a change in your specific department (at Nicholls) that will improve the quality of education for students in your major.





Here are some key issues to understand for this assignment:

1) You see that it is a progress report, but when you look at your choices for topics, you see that all have the word “proposal” in them. Essentially, when it comes down to it, you are providing BOTH the proposal and the progress report. What this means, in English, is that your report will look a lot like Figure 13.7 the proposal part (starting on pg. 422), along with figure 14.6 (p 659), which is the progress part. It can also have elements of 14.9 too–the site inspection.

2) This assignment is sort of a “hodgepodge” of others. You just did a proposal for Portfolio 3, and if you did it correctly, it looked a lot like 13.7. Fig 13.7 does include one example of an IN-TEXT CITATION. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE IN TEXT CITATIONS IN PORTFOLIO 4.. So, if you have in text citations, you also need a WORKS CITED PAGE. Portfolio 4 is meant to display all you have learned this semester, so where can we find out how to cite multiple sources and provide a Works Cited page in a business report? Well, we go back to Chapter 8 and look at the Business Research Report (pages 401-413). Now, we are not writing a whole business research report, so we do not need to copy the Abstract, etc. of this model–BUT–we can look to it to see in text citations and an MLA Works Cited page.

3) So do these in-text citations have to be direct quotes? No, they can be summaries and paraphrase. Remember the summary from Ch.9 you just did in Portfolio 3? See how this all fits together? Your in text citation does not have to be directly quoted from your source. Of course you MAY USE DIRECT QUOTATIONS, but summary and paraphrase will most likely be much easier to merge into your report. You will need to check out Ch.8 again (see a pattern here?) about how to properly cite each type of source, both in your report, and in your Works Cited page. Your in text citation will be in parentheses within your report. If it is in your Works Cited page, it is cited parenthetically somewhere in your report. That is what “works cited” means, right? It is “cited.” I encourage you to use MLA and not APA format because all of you are already familiar with MLA. You may use APA instead, but remember, you must be consistent in whatever style you choose to adhere to.

4) Your Research assignment does not specify the number of in-text citations needed (the number of sources on your Works Cited), but in order to make sure no one goes off track here, let’s say three sources. It can be more; it cannot be less.

5) So how long is this thing? Again, a word count is not specified, but looking at the models for a proposal + a progress report, and perhaps a site inspection, it should be about 4 pages. Thorough, specific, researched, and clearly explained are the goals we are going for here. That’s going to take 4 pages at least.

6) You are creating a fictional business: It is modeled from others that you researched, but you cannot use the letterhead, logos, web pages of an actual company and pretend like you are employed there. Perhaps you can allude to the data you find from these real companies as your competitors, etc. You can use data found from other businesses as part of research and/or citations, but you cannot just adopt a real company as your own.

7) You must use REPUTABLE sources for your research and Works Cited page. Again, see Ch.8 for evaluating sources, finding sources, etc. WIKIPEDIA IS NOT A REPUTABLE SOURCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLOGS? NOPE!!!!!! ****If you find info on Wikipedia, they often include a bibliography. You can use that to find the original reputable source to use, but you can NEVER site Wikipedia as a source. Why? Well you know why!—because anyone can edit or provide info!*********

8) This is the final assignment because it uses all you have learned so far. This must follow the forms of the proposal + the progress report styles, adding the sources and the Works Cited page. It is not something you can just “wing.” It must look like it came from a company! It cannot have typos. It cannot be sloppy in any way. It cannot be something you just threw together and hope it was “good enough.” Figures 13.7, 14.6, and possible 14.9 depending upon what option you chose are your “go-to” models, with the research component merged in using what you learned in Ch.8.

9) Get creative! Use those tables! Create that letterhead! Have fun with it and challenge yourself to create something you can show to potential employers! You’ll think, “Check out all of my mad skills!! :))


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