How Foods Affect Moods

Research Paper Assignment You will be completing the following tasks and gathering the following information for your assignment: 1. Assigned topics: a. What is the relationship between food, supplements and moods? b. What foods may be recommended for various psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, anger, etc? c. What food/supplement may help when we experience extreme stress? 2. Research and locate three articles or information on the assigned topics from a reputable academic source (journal articles, books are reputable sources, as are some government publications based on research; Wikipedia is NOT a reputable source) through the College Library (log in with your MDC ID number. Your password is the last four digits of your MDC ID unless you have changed it). 3. Read the article/information you find. Continue your paper with a discussion of what you learn in these articles. Be sure to paraphrase (put things in your own words) and be sure to cite the author(s) of the article you find using APA style (see the section below on using APA style). Aim for about a page for this part of your paper.

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