how do entrepreneurs in event industry

How do entrepreneurs use creativity to develop their business ideas and innovations? In the first part of this assignment you will need to demonstrate your grasp of entrepreneurship and innovation theories.

Secondly, you will need to take on the role of an entrepreneur to research and explore specific business problems in the events industry (e.g. in operations, safety, back-office functions, logistics etc), calculate the cost of these problems (in monetary or social terms), and consider whether an identified problem may constitute a business opportunity. Important note: You should NOT propose a solution at this stage.

Does the essay set up a clear essay question to address? Does the essay stay within and fulfill the topic parameters?

Does the essay bring together the literature in a significant manner that addresses an essay question?

Does the essay indicate a comprehensive understanding of the topic area and literature discussed?

Clarity of structure
Is the essay well organised and logically constructed to achieve synthesis while being mindful of the needs of the reader?

Mechanical Soundness
Is the essay clearly written, spell checked and grammatically sound and referenced appropriately?

Personal brief

Follow the task requirement the first section is like a formal lesson and you can talk about some problem that relate to idea of business in section 2. So I will give you my idea but if you have some idea you can improve or make it more efficient. Thanks in advance.

Essay outline

Introduction 200 words
Event and organizer business nowadays and essay structure and aim and object of this essay

First section 600 words
How do entrepreneurs use creativity to develop their business ideas and innovations by using the theories to support and reference. Problem to relate to the section 2( Problem to make my idea happen)

Second section 1000 words
Taking my idea and find evidence to support such as salary late for employment staff in UK, cost for software license and possibility of business , profit and worthwhile.

Conclusion 200 words

My idea

In the event industry, event design is the important part of event. For example, stage design, other structures, printing graphic and motion graphic. So, my idea is creating event design company which our service is supporting all process of design. For instance, designing stage and all structure in the event by making 3d perspective. Therefore, customers can see what their event looks like before the event day. After that, when customer approve the design, we also contact with structure supplier and look after until all of structure complete.

Cost for this business
1. Employment designers including structure designer, graphic designer
2. Employment liaison staff
3. Employment staff to checking all structure in event day
4. Software license such as 3dmax, sketch up, adobe Photoshop, illustrator and auto cad
5. Equipment such as computer
6. Renting office

Advantage of business
1. Making the presentation looks professional.
2. organizer can decrease this cost by hiring our service because some events such as small scale events don’t need 3d perspective and structure suppliers. So, they don’t need to employ their staff

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