Health Needs of People living with HIV

Health Needs of People living with HIV

6HL004 assignment
Wordage: 3,200 (+ or – 10%)
Part one: Assessing health needs.
Identify and prioritise the health needs of a specific population group, by applying theories of health needs (approximately 40% of the wordage)

Part two: Addressing health needs.
Design a strategic proposal for health promotion to address the prioritized health need, utilizing health promotion theories and principles.
Give your assignment a title: “Health needs of (name of your group)”. Use the headings below to structure your assignment:
Part one:
A concise background (150 words maximum) that justifies why this group needs attention (e.g. statistics that show they experience poorer health / are more at risk of unhealthy behaviour / illness). Use Office of National Statistics, Department of Health, WHO data, or other official body, and current policy.
Identifying Health Needs
Find 3 research studies into the health needs of your group. You will need some research into the views of the group themselves (i.e.qualitative research).
Start with the research findings: what are the health needs identified in each research, and what type of study is it (qualitative / quantitative / mixed, primary or secondary):
(e.g. A’s (2012)’s primary qualitative study found the health needs to be X,Y and Z, whilst B & C’s x study (2012) found …. and D’s x (2013) found ….
Then analyse these needs by applying the health needs theories of Maslow, Seedhouse, Doyal and Gough, and Bradshaw, and models of health covered in the module.
e.g. “X need can be linked to the ….. aspect of A’s theory, which shows that ….It can also be seen as the ……. feature of the …. model of health, whilst Y and Z are health needs found in both … and B’s theories. The ………method of the research identified the type of needs, which are significant because …., etc” (use your own wording)

Prioritising the health needs
Identify the most significant unmet need, with a rationale to justify that this is the most important.
Think about:
The stages of Maslow’s hierarchy, the social determinants of health, all of Bradshaw’s types. Which needs appear in all the studies.
Consider also the quality of the research on which the needs are based: how current is it, how authoritative are the authors and the source, how relevant is the sample, etc
Part two:
Aim and objectives. Give one clear aim, and three or four different types of SMART objectives, to address the prioritised health need.

Health Promotion Activities.
Use Beattie’s model of health promotion approaches to structure your activities. Briefly outline the specific activities you propose to use in each of the four approaches, then justify each activity by reference to the underpinning health promotion theories, models, approaches, plus research/ policy/practice.
Comment on the relative value of each activity: which are most likely to improve health, and why.
e.g. Activity 3: xxxxxxx groups
Description: These will be based in the (setting), facilitated initially by … then …( a few words on how the activity is delivered).
Justification: These are included because ….. (x model/theory/ suggests that…. ; the activity is guided by y principle which emphases .. A’s research shows this activity is valuable for …., using the specific techniques used in B’s practice/ C policy. .. NB:This is the most important part, where you show you understand health promotion theory and can use it to plan a coherent, creative strategy that will improve health.
Briefly outline the types of resources you will use, including the communication skills. Use appendices for any lists.
Describe and justify the types and methods of evaluation you plan to use, stating when, where and how the evaluation will take place.
Action plan
Complete a Gantt chart for planning the activities, identifying who does what and when.

Things to consider:
You need to make decisions at each stage, all of which need to be consistent, e.g. the activities need to fit with the aim, the evaluation with the objectives, etc.
Keep in mind the purpose of health promotion
The assignment needs to follow the Learning centre guidance on academic writing and use key texts.

6HL004 Marking Grid
Student Number:
A concise introduction to justify the choice of population (150 words max) with relevant statistics from authoritative public health sources.

Depth of understanding is shown of the theoretical base of health needs assessment by applying the 4 health needs theories covered in the module to 3 relevant and authoritative pieces of research which cover a range of perspectives, including those of the group.

The most significant unmet need is prioritised, with appropriate rationale

One clear relevant aim is given, with 3-4 different
types of SMART objectives, with the type named

CreHealth promotion activities are clearly outlined; these coherently cover each of Beattie’s approaches, with comment on their relative effectiveness.
RatRationale is given for each activity, based on the health promotion theories, principles and models covered in the module, plus current research, practice, policy. (This section gets the most marks)

Resources are briefly outlined, including the communication skills, with any lists placed in an appendix.

Evaluation methods, types and timings of outlined and justified

A fully completed Gantt chart appears

Good evidence of reading, including and beyond the reading list, including research.

Harvard referencing is used correctly, making clear what material is from the source.

Writing is academic, (clear, concise, coherent, precise) and follows the learning centre guidance; wordage is stated, and is within the set limits.

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