Hayao Miyazaki: Female Archetypes within Studio Ghibli.

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Looking at the role of female characters within the directors films and more of a focus on Archetypes. Focusing on films Nausicca, Spirited Away, Howls Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke. This is a feminist paper and requires theory to film, and various sources. – This is only an introduction.

Also personal knowledge of the animation films, and Japanese cultural backgrounds is a must with some insight into Studio Ghibli.

I would like to have plenty of varied sources, and would ask that some of the sources be taken from :
1. Jeremy Mark Robinson, The Cinema of Hayao Miyazaki (Crescent Moon Publishing, 2012)
2. Ashkenazi, Michael. Japanese Mythology. New York: Oxford U P, 2008.
3. Helene Cixous, “Ecriture feminine” (Feminine writing) in Toril Moi, Sexual-textual politics: feminist literary theory (1998)
4. Kawai, Hayao. Dreams, Myths and Fairy Tales in Japan. Einsiedeln, Switzerland: Daimon Verlag, 1995.
5. Kawai, Hayao. The Japanese Psyche: Major Motifs in the Fairy Tales of Japan. Woodstock: Spring Pub., 1996.
6. Knapp, Bettina L. Women in Twentieth-Century Literature: A Jungian View. University Park, Penn State Press: 1987.
7. Carl Gustav Jung, Four archetypes : mother, rebirth, spirit, trickster -London : Routledge, 2003.

Attached is a copy of the initial proposal given which was a medium/low pass.

I would like to have an introduction aiming to achieve a grade of 65 – 71% High 2:1 or low First.

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