Harm reduction as a strategy community nursing practice

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Describe harm reduction as a strategy community nursing practice. (5 Marks)
 Describe the harm reduction philosophy underpinning your chosen program and
discuss the applicability of harm reduction practice to the community health nursing
standards. (5 marks)
 Describe the basis and rationale for harm reduction as a strategy for the clients served
by your chosen program, through an examination of epidemiological data, prevalence data, and best practice. Include a critical analysis of the determinants of health of the
aggregate group, which increase the incidence and risk of harm (25 marks)
 Present and analyze current evidence that supports or rejects a harm reduction
approach to the issue. Utilize the findings from your literature review (minimum EIGHT
scholarly journal articles from peer reviewed sources) and research related to this
program, to critically analyze the value of the program as a community health nursing
intervention (25 marks)
 Discuss your carefully considered conclusion with regard to the application of your
program to public health practice. Include an argument for continuation or
discontinuation of the program on the basis of the research and evidence. (5 marks)
 Introduction, Conclusion, Presentation, Spelling, Grammar, APA (5 marks)

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