Grassroots Campaign Plan for Gilenya

Your Final Project consists of the Campaign Organizing Outline and the Campaign Organizing Plan. Your campaign outline should be consistent with your final project and form the backbone on which to develop this 15-20 page grassroots Campaign Organizing Plan. The plan is a written Word document; it is not a PowerPoint presentation. Your campaign plan will be based on an issue or electoral campaign. You should determine what specific campaign you would like to base this project. Recommendations include a race for U.S. Congress, state legislature, or advocacy campaign focused on a ballot initiative. This plan should be a document that could be presented to a candidate and used to get the campaign on a path to victory. Your outline must include the sections listed below. However, you may to add other sections as you see fit. Preview or background on your issue or candidate: Introduce your plan by explaining your scope and setting up the context. Message and strategy: Go in-depth on what you are planning to do for strategy and message, including the development of a message box and a final message. Field organizing: Explain the size and job descriptions of the staff you need for a successful effort. Discuss your campaign’s win number and how you determined that targeting. We understand that you may not have depth of targeting research as indicated in our targeting lecture. However, you should do research to determine a reasonable goal of votes. In addition, indicate the regions of the district and the kind of swing voters that you are going to focus on during your three phases of the direct voter contact program. Field is going to be very important in your plans, so tell us about the kinds of tactics that you are going to utilize. Describe your coalition-building strategy to bring larger groups of supporters to your efforts. Fundraising: Explain the components of your fundraising program. Earned and paid media: What ways are you going to deliver your earned media program? What is your paid media mix? (e.g., do you blog, hold press conferences, and send out a weekly news recap via the Web?) A budget: Provide a detailed projected budget of how you will spend your money. Month-by-month timeline: set up monthly goals by campaign tactic area (e.g., press, paid media, field, fundraising). GOTV strategy (we will discuss GOTV in Week 6): What is your “get out the vote” strategy? What ways will you motivate your supporters to vote on Election Day? Do you have any early vote or absentee ballot strategies? Creating the Outline Create a 1-page comprehensive outline with the sections of your final campaign plan. This should be in AP (Associated Press) style. You should be able to create a specific strategy based on the outline. Submit the outline on the page, Assignment 5.2. If you wish to get feedback from your classmates, you may also post it on the discussion board Discussion 5.2 (ungraded). Be prepared to defend your outline. When commenting on your classmates’ outlines, remember to provide professional critiques—suggest alternative ideas or ways to make improvements.

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