Globalization and Underdevelopment

Please write an analytical paper debating both sides of the arguments for and against globalization. Guide your answers by the following questions, but do not limit your paper to just answering them. Answering these questions is not mandatory, but recommended. They should serve as a guide.

• Who benefits and who loses from globalization?
• Who are the groups that mostly support and oppose globalization and why?
• Why is globalization good for the world?
• What are the distortions of globalization?
• What is the role of governments in globalization?
• How is democracy related to globalization and why is it desirable?
• What is the effect of globalization on the developing and underdeveloped world?
• Where is globalization heading?
• What role does corruption play in the politics of globalization? What are the negative effects of corruption in developing countries?
• Overall, is globalization good or bad for the world?

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