Global Innovation: Australia Health Care Business Plan

An elaborate and good health care system is a fundamental need for the well-being of Australian citizens and as such, forms the pillar of development both nationally and globally. An improved health care system will provide citizens with an opportunity to get good health services, be able to manage health conditions, and prevent the rising rates of chronic diseases. The health care system in Australia is indeed among the best performing systems globally (Willis, Reynolds & Helen, 2009). The caveat to Australia’s health care system is the need to address the health care demands of the agingpopulation, which continues to experience extensive modificationsand requires a reformatory process to cater to changing needs of this group of people. Many patients, and especially the aging population, find it difficult to move from one health care provider to another because of lack of a clear format of accessing them in the health care system (Willis, Reynolds & Helen, 2009). The aging population often encounters difficulties with multiple health care conditions that include diabetes, cancer, asthma, hypertension, and many others. These conditions and others that affect the aging, and disabled often require the need of a dietician, physiotherapist, psychologist, podiatrists, or a dentist to maintain continuity of care. Navigating the complex health system in Australia in search of these health care providers becomes an intricate process for the aging. With the current technological ramifications, the need to have an informatory system that provides information about the various health care providers is readily accessible and fundamental. As e-commerce provides more business opportunities, this business plan intends to establish an online website to aid the aging population in need of certain health care providers, to access their information, location, and have the opportunity to choose the right and best health care professionals.

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