Genetic Predispositions to Schizophrenia and Psychosis

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BIOL Directed Studies Outline



Goal of the Course and Learning Objectives


The goal of this course is to, in consultation with and under the guidance of the faculty supervisor, develop a research question and

  • carry out an appropriate critical literature review of the topic,
  • produce a finished review manuscript using APA style guidelines.



Assignment and Evaluation


To successfully complete this course the student is expected regularly correspond with the instructor.  In addition to this requirement, the student is required to complete the written requirements of the course outlined in the task completion schedule.  The final grade will reflect the student’s knowledge of the research process and the subject area.  Further, the grade in the course will reflect the student’s effort, conscientiousness, thoroughness, and original input, which will be evaluated from both the consultative and written work.   Details concerning both the tasks to be completed, as well as evaluation criteria, can be found below.



Task Completion Schedule


Task                                                                                  Completion Date            


Discuss goals and objectives of directed studies                    Jan 20 2016
with instructor

Summary overview of topic                                                    Feb 10 2016

Abstracts submission                                                              March 01 2016

First draft of research project                                                 Apr 01 2016

Deadline for final draft of research project                            Apr 31 2016



Resources: Library resources and possibly computer laboratory time.


Supervision:  Student and faculty supervisor will correspond primarily through email, although phone or face-to-face meetings are also possible.














Course evaluation


Below is a set of submissions required by the student to fulfill the requirements for this course:

  • General description: Summary overview of the main topic, including specific questions to be answered in the work carried out.

Submission requirements: a short paper, maximum of 1000 words, APA format, with brief description of the topic, and specific questions to be addressed in the completed review.

Value: 20% of final grade.


  • General description: Article abstracts consisting of the complete APA citation for the article, the abstract from the article, and a one or two sentence description in the student’s own words of the relevance of the article, or the finding in the article of greatest relevance to the research article being written.

Submission requirements: a listing of each abstract, with the APA citation, and description found below it. A minimum of 25 articles should be included in the final submission.  Students may discuss particular submissions with the supervisor as they come up.

Value: 20% of final grade


  • General description: First draft of research project.

Submission requirements: a written critical evaluation and summary of the literature that was submitted in #2 above, as well as any subsequent literature that may have been discovered by the student after that submission. APA format should be maintained throughout.

Value: 25% of final grade


  • General description: Final draft of research project.

Submission requirements: a revised version of the above, taking into consideration any comments and suggestions for improvement made by the supervisor.

Value: 35% of final grade


The student should be familiar with and aware of what constitutes plagiarism, and take steps to avoid doing it. The supervisor will guide the student in regards to what, in general, this consists of, and point the student to further resources as necessary.  Any evidence of academic misconduct will be dealt with in accordance with TRU educational policies.



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