gay and lesbians in families

Essay Assignments:

For each of the essays, you have a choice in topics. You may analyze and compare any two selections from each theme OR you may deal with the issue. Alternate your approaches with each paper. If you choose to analyze and compare on the first essay, you must deal with the issue on the second paper. After the four assignments, you should have completed two analysis-comparison essays and two issue essays.

In each case, submit your proposal on which you identify the issue, claims, persuasion, audience, evidence, reasoning, assumptions, and appeals (see the form) two days after the initial assignment. This proposal will be five percent (5%) of the grade for each essay.

During this period, make your appointment at the Academic Success Center, as their calendar fills quickly. If you are on campus, you must meet with your tutor in person; if you do not attend classes on campus, you must arrange for a SKYPE session. This assignment is 10% of your final grade. Your instructor receives a report of your attendance, so you do not need to provide me with proof that you met with a tutor. These reports regularly reach me (the instrucgtor) after the papers are graded. I will deduct the 10% after the grade is posted if the student has not worked with a tutor.

Note that the first four papers are not research papers; you do not need citations or a bibliography

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