Gambling Addiction

This section of the paper presents a literature review for the intervention design project, focusing fervently on gambling addiction as the topic of choice. The configuration of the reviewed literature articulates to the following key requirements of the assignment. Firstly, an analysis of the role addictive and other compulsive behaviors play, both historically and in the context of contemporary society. Secondly, a vivid account regarding ethnic and cultural diversity, human rights issues, legal and ethical considerations in relation to gambling addiction. The third provision engrained there too is the identification of common trends in the diagnosis and treatment of behaviors manifest in the literature. Lastly, the paper validates the significance of the chosen topic supportively from the literature reviewed and in tandem with the entire field of addiction and compulsion. Conversely, in articulating to the nature, implication, trend, consequence, and essence of the subject reviewed, an intervention design project will have a stratum to respond effectively to the issue of addiction.

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